Saturday, 11 February 2017

Selfish saturday

For those who care, I also produce my own music under the moniker Fodiator (after a species of flying fish) and lately I've been busy with the release of my debut album "No Reason". I'm not that good in selfpromoting and navel-gazing so it's gonna be a short post. Russian DIY and netlabel Southern City Lab offered me the chance to release my album via i-Tunes and all kind of distribution channels such as Spotify, Amazon etc...
Here you can listen to the full album
An for those who like to download the album for free click here, hope you enjoy! Nice thing about worldwide distribution is that you get unexpected reactions like this "April 25" anime video made by Scetchy Zeke: Or this muscle car video by Wheels: This is a fanvideo of a German tv-series: I hope to get more time in the future to keep this MØPKEMUZIEK blog more alive and let me know if you have any comments or music that you like to share with me.