Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tinseling Thursday VII

Today's Tinsels brought to you by Eliza and the Bear

Eliza and the Bear are an indie folk pop band from London and existing of James Kellegher, Callie Noakes, Martin Dukelow, Chris Brand and Paul Kevin Jackson. Wait a minute there's no Eliza? That's right Eliza and the Bear is the title of a collection of poems by Eleanor Rees. First let's take a look and have a listen to their latest feelgood song "Upon the North" James the lead singer suffers from arthritis in his hands and finds playing music is the only thing that relieves the pain. Another prove that music is a healing factor for a lot of problems I know a stammering guy but when singing he doesn't stutter at all.

Here's the song "The Southern Wild" performed at the Amazing Afternoon sessions. And here's the live version of "Brothers Boat" Nice to see a bunch of friends enjoying the music they make, and luckily we have a soundcloud link... enjoy!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesdays got Talent XVIII

A little delayed here's our tuesdays talent
 Brushy One String

Brushy One String is from Jamaica and I've seen him in the award winning documentary called "Rise Up". Rise Up is a documentary about the Jamaican underground music. Bushy's playing a one-string guitar while tapping a beat on the guitarbody. In the documentary he's playing his song "Chicken in the Corn" on the street and I love it. The song is settled in my mind for two days now :) Here's the video.
 I love it as the crowd step-by-step are singing along. I think Brushy's star will rise sky high... Here you can order his CD (after the documentary Rise Up there's a follow up "The King Of One String" a special documentary about Brushy himself). Here's a soundcloud link to the song "No Man Stop Me" And he's inspiring more people with his songs Here's the remix of "No Man Stop Me" by CM BRX (mr lucius)and I think many others will follow.. let me know if you hear one, especially of the Chicken song :) enjoy!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tinseling Thursday VI

Just a quick tinsel today, here are the "Compact Disk Dummies"

 Yes again from Belgium I know it seems I only post Belgian bands last weeks, true because I'm working a lot in Belgium and the radio there is very good, they offer great indie music on the mainstream channels and this week there's "Week van eigen Kweek" on Studio Brussels (loosely translated "The own breed week :) and they only play Belgian music, I love this because you hear a lot of undiscovered and unknown music. Like the brothers Coorevits (Janus and Lennert).
They make a kind of electropunk.
Here's their latest song "The Reeling"
They won Belgian most prestigious rock contest called Humo's Rock Rally in 2012 so live they kick some ass! Here's their version of Britney Spears song Toxic Here's some older work this is the song Fat Frazurzz and here the cover Heart of Glass from Blondie