Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesdays got Talent XVIII

A little delayed here's our tuesdays talent
 Brushy One String

Brushy One String is from Jamaica and I've seen him in the award winning documentary called "Rise Up". Rise Up is a documentary about the Jamaican underground music. Bushy's playing a one-string guitar while tapping a beat on the guitarbody. In the documentary he's playing his song "Chicken in the Corn" on the street and I love it. The song is settled in my mind for two days now :) Here's the video.
 I love it as the crowd step-by-step are singing along. I think Brushy's star will rise sky high... Here you can order his CD (after the documentary Rise Up there's a follow up "The King Of One String" a special documentary about Brushy himself). Here's a soundcloud link to the song "No Man Stop Me" And he's inspiring more people with his songs Here's the remix of "No Man Stop Me" by CM BRX (mr lucius)and I think many others will follow.. let me know if you hear one, especially of the Chicken song :) enjoy!

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