Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Warm Wednesday XVIII

Today again a warm wednesday with the Foals
Foals are an English rock band from Oxford and Foals are Yannis Philippakis, Jack Bevan, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers, Edwin Congreave. "Why is this a warm wednesday band?" you may think, just listen to those African sounding guitar rifs. Sounds a little like Two Door Cinema Club or Paul Simon in his Graceland era. I discovered Foals 2-3 years ago because of the beautiful video they had made for the song Blue Blood. Watch this kid! The band's third album Holy Fire was released a week ago, and it's a great warm sounding album. Or like NME says "The Oxford art-rockers cast off their spiky, mathletic shackles and head for the big league with their third album!" Listen for example to "My Number" which will get the most airplay on radio etc i guess.

Here are some grooveshark links to the latest album "Holy Fire" ..enjoy! Inhaler by Foals on Grooveshark And here's "Late Night" Late Night by Foals on Grooveshark And we end with the warm wednesdaysong "Stepson" Stepson by Foals on Grooveshark

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