Monday, 4 February 2013

Misty Monday XVII

It was a nice but tiring weekend so it's a bummer mondaymorning has already arrived. To ease that pain I call in our friends from "The Appleseed Cast"
The Appleseed Cast is an American post-rock band based in Lawrence, Kansas, United States, composed of singer/guitarist Christopher Crisci, bassist Nathan Whitman, guitarist Taylor Holenbeck and drummer Nathan Wilder. The band was formed in 1997 under the name December's Tragic Drive. The following year, the band - now billed as The Appleseed Cast - signed to Deep Elm Records out of New York and released their debut album, The End of the Ring Wars, an album which met with considerable approval from the emo and underground scenes, as incendiary tracks like "Marigold & Patchwork" were essentially blueprints for the emo style. The band's predominantly guitar-based music has evolved from intense, heavy emo indebted to such acts as Mineral and Sunny Day Real Estate to a unique "post-rock" sound hinging on inventive, intricate drumming, subtle guitar arpeggios, and a vast range of effects. I think this is a perfect misty monday band and the song "A Dream For Us" from the 2003 album "Two Conversations" is the proof. More recently (june 2011) they released the 4-track EP "Middle States" I'm really excited because april 9th they will release their album "Illumination Ritual". Møpkemuziek will of course keep an eye on them so when there's new material we'll let you know. In the meantime, Graveface Records has made the song “North Star Ordination” — The Appleseed Cast‘s contribution to Graveface Records’ Coalition for the Homeless fundraising efforts — available to stream for free on soundcloud, enjoy.

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