Monday, 19 November 2012

Misty Monday IX

Today its really misty over here. So a perfect day for Lau Nau
Lau Nau or Laura Naukkarinen, (born 1980) is a singer-songwriter and musician from Helsinki, Finland. She is also a member of free improv and psych folk bands Kiila, Päivänsäde, the Anaksimandros, Avarus, Maailma, and the trio Hertta Lussu Ässä formed by fellow acid folk singer-songwriters Islaja and Kuupuu. She's credited as playing anything from "colorful juice glasses" and "witch laugh megaphone" to "beer cans". Lau Nau lives in the Finnish countryside of Kimito island with her husband and two sons. Overall you can say it's mesmerizing and tantalizing folk/ethnic music. First lets take a look to an older song she made, called "Painovoimaa valoa" from her 2008 album "Nukkuu" (Finnish for Sleep). Nice monday song isn't it? Her new album "VALOHIUKKANEN" is released a week ago via Fonal, here you can hear 3 songs from the 9 track album, I love the strings in the song "Valolle" Here's the video of the more uptempo song "Kuoleman tappajan kuolema"

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