Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thunder on Thursday X

This items getting more and more followers, nice to get some feedback. Today it's up to John Coffey to give us the raw and deafening noise we need on a thundersday.
John Coffey is a character from the Green Mile (you know, the big black guy) but it's also a Dutch punkrock/post-hardcoreband. John Coffey is influenced by bands such as Refused, Every Time I Die and The Ghost of a Thousand. In september this year their second album called "Bright Companions" was released by the German music label Redfield Records. And it's a killer! But first take a look at the beautiful video from the second single of this album "Featherless Redheads" On their album "Bright Companions" they start with "Announce" and it's a hard but nice way to get attention with such an announce :). By the way, they partly could make this album with the help of their fans, In 2011 they completed a fundraising campaign. Another nice way to get attention is the fact that the first 1000 editions of their debut album Vanity (2009) were pierced with a thats what i like.
Here's the soundcloud link to the full "Bright Companions", enjoy this thundersday!

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