Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Warm Wednesday IX

It could be a lot worser because the 3 sisters of HAIM are giving us a warm wednesday today :)
Haim is Danielle Haim (vocals, lead guitar), Alana Haim (vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion), Este Haim (vocals, bass)and don't forget the drummer Dash Hutton. They are from Los Angeles and that sunny LA sound is a strong influence in their music It's a bit of R&B, a bit of folk and a lot of 80's pop... think Cyndi Lauper meets Destiny's Child or Gloria Estefan meets En Vogue. They were the talk of SXSW and since then it's going hard with them. Not bad for a band with just one EP on their shelve. Their debut EP is called "Forever" and it's also the title of their single, here's your warm wednesday video Here is the soundcloud link to 4 tracks of the forever EP and a bonus track a remix of Forever by Dan Lissvik, enjoy!

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