Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thunder on Thursday XVI

Today it's Tremonti time!
Tremonti is the solo project of Mark Tremonti, grammy award winning talented guitar player from Creed and Alter Bridge. For his project he called in Eric Freedman (Creed) for guitar, Garret Whitlock (Submersed)drums and Wolfgang Vanhalen (yes the son of..) for the bass. In juli 2012 they released the album "All I Was".

Fasten seatbelts and let's take a look and have a listen to "You Waste Your Time". Mark is a master on guitar, I was really impressed by his playing skills in the song "Leave it Alone" for example. I also liked the solo in the song "Proof". Here's a version which I liked most (it differs from the album version). By the way 10 out of 12 tracks on the album contains solos :) We all need "Brains" so here it is for those who lack them ( I do sometimes ;) Brains by Tremonti on Grooveshark

And we end with "The things I've favourite The Things I've Seen by Tremonti on Grooveshark

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