Monday, 19 August 2013

Misty Monday XXIV

Welcome back! Is was a perfect holiday here in the Northern hemisphere with beautiful weather conditions, summer as it's supposed to be I guess. So reloaded with new energy and some great music it's time to put some mist back in your monday with Melanie de Biasio
Melanie de Biasio is a Belgian Jazz singer with a voice like the sweet fluid inside a Belgian chocolate, sweet, warm and smooth. Her second album "No Deal" is coming out on the 21st of october. From that album here's the first single "The Flow" Relaxed way to start the week isn't it? I hear a bit Nina Simone or Sade, jazzy in a fresh way I Feel You is the opening track. No Deal is her second album, 5 years ago she released "A Stomach is Burning" from that album here's the song "Down" and here's the title track from that album A Stomach Is Burning, also a very nice album although her new album is probably more my cup of tea....anyway....enjoy A Stomach Is Burning by Mélanie De Biasio on Grooveshark

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