Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tinseling Thursday XII

Todays dose of tinsels are brought to you by
                            Half Moon Run
Half Moon Run are a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal exisiting of Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, Dylan Phillips and Isaac Symonds. They are supporting Of Monsters and Men on their North American Tour and this year they released their debut album  Dark Eyes and it's a beauty! The first track on the album is Full Circle
Nice harmonics and I love the staccato voices layered upon eachother. Another great song on this album is "She wants to know" with a more dark feeling... it could be a Villagers song, here you can see them performing it live at SXSW. Like it? I do, and for those who like it too here's the full album "Dark Eyes" enjoy...

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