Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Warm Wednesday XXVI

Superband Tired Pony has made a new album called "The Ghost Of The Mountain"
first track they are releasing is "All Things at Once". Originally Tired Pony was formed by Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) with the long term ambition of making a country album. I think their ambition is a bit fading away because for me this is no country, but that's my humble opinion. Anyway R&B isn't R&B anymore and I see some artists on North Sea Jazz that I can't call Jazz musicians...many music nowadays is crossing-over so let's not pigeonholing, call it country/singer-songwriter/guitarmusic/soft/rock call it what you want, it's just beautiful music and warm wednesday worthy. Nice isn't it? Here's the title track "Ghost of the Mountain"
 I love this song "Carve Our Names"
 In the US the album is coming out on the 1st of enjoy møpkemuziek until then :) here's

"The Creak In The Floorboards"

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