Friday, 21 September 2012

Fiddles on Friday II

The second Fiddles on Friday is for the Irish band The Divine Comedy. I followed them over the years (since the mid-nineties)and i'm often surprised by the diversity of this group songs. Having said that I realise that the voice of Neil Hannon is one of the characteristics of their music. His warm voice makes the sound this band produces. By the way,I often like to compare voices with materials and Neil Hannon is in my opinion in the same category as Jonathan Jeremiah he's got an oak voice... hope you can follow me :). Neil Hannon is the only constant member of the group and thats a long while because they were formed back in 1989!
Okay back then to the song for Fiddles on friday. Divine Comedy made songs that are very poppy, uptempo with humourous lyrics etc. Songs like: Becoming more like Alfie" with lyrics such as : Everybody knows that No means Yes Just like glasses come free on the N.H.S, But the more I look through them the more I see, I'm becoming more like Alfie" (it's a song about Alfie, a movie (with Michael Caine) about an unrepentant ladies' man who gradually begins to understand the consequences of his lifestyle). Or what about the song Mother Dear: If I ever get arrested by the C.I.A., Because they take me for a foreign spy, They won't need no lie-detector, all they'll have to do Is make me look into my mothers eyes" :) But Divine comedy is known for their orchestrated, melancholic songs, (btw books are a returning subject, the bands name is after Dante's Divine Comedy but also this song for Fiddles on Friday "Our Mutual Friend" is a booktitle by Charles Dickens. It's not a song about that book but a song about a night with a new love, introduced by a mutual friend. He thinks she's the one, they had a good talk, kissed and shared the night but the next day he woke up he found her sleeping with that (not so mutual anymore) friend. Enjoy! Live on the Ronan Collins Show from studio 1 in the RTE radio centre And a more uplifting song to end with, HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!

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