Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesdays Got Talent 1

Tuesdays got talent is for the less known musicians, for bands / artists, still unsigned, still rehearsing, still working on their image or style. Bands, dropped a song on the internet to see if it will reach anyone, making their first DIY video without any budget. So contact me if you got any tips, names or interesting developments. I like to discover new music so let me know when you got something to share. The first Tuesdays got talent is for MEK with the song Utoreen. I discovered MEK a while ago when I wandered around the Belgium musicsite...VI.BE I was caught by the dreamy soundscapes and also by the cheap, but smart and intriguing videoclip. Someone with a handycam on a bike, smoothly cycling through nighttime Ghent.. thats it. But it fits perfectly with the music. It made me think of Sigur Ros - Jonsi / Yann Tiersen / MONO / Mogwai / Zoo Kid - King Krule (b.t.w. more of this kid later this week)/ Pink Floyd / Radiohead. Now who is MEK? I did some research and I found very little. Okay we got a name: Koen Meirlaen guitarist of the Ghent Band "Nova Zembla" (they have a myspace account and a dead link so if they still exist ... I don't know) but that's all the information I could find. No facebook, no bandpage no I-tunes just a clip on youtube and some talentsite-accounts. Well I love some mysterie in life so it's okay by me. MEK is still productive, he dropped a new song called "Lullaby"on his VIBE account last week.

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