Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thunder on Thursday 1

Okay we've been warmed up now, lets crank it up a little more and put some thunder back in Thursday , okay we could start with AC/DC but we all know that song so next candidate> Wallace Vanborn
Sounds like a singer songwriter but its a Belgian Rocktrio from Ghent, (also Ghent..what's going on there)?!?. They derive their name from a character out of the movie Pulp Fiction (Wallace Marcellus). Wallace Vanborn, Dries Hoof (base), Sylvester Vanborm (Drums) and Ian Clement (Vocals) made their first studio album "Free Blank Shots" in 2010 and it immediately caused a buzz in the Belgian rockscene (their participation on Humo's Rock Rally gave them also airplay on Studio Brussels). After that they were asked to be the supportact for the European tour of "Blood Red Shoes" and many more gigs followed. And this gigs are crushing, full of energy and overwhelming, so they were called Pletwallace (Plet is Dutch for crush). Their new album "LIONS, LIARS GUNS & GOD"
was made together with producer and Grammy collector David Bottrill..(Muse (Origin of Symmetry), Tool (Aenima/Lateralus), Placebo (Battle for The Sun) en dEUS (The Ideal Crash/Keep You Close) Do I have to say more? It was released in April'12 and in my opinion the second track "Found in LA" and the fourth track "cougars"are killers. So for the first Thunder on Thursday ...hit it!

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