Monday, 13 May 2013

Misty Monday XXII

Welcome back, today we have the easy-going dreamy ambient music of Vondelpark

Vondelpark are a three headed English band, formed in 2010. The band consists of Lewis Rainsbury, Alex Bailey and Matt Lawrenson. They are named after a public park in Amsterdam. The band were founded by the members of the band Lion Club, after its dissolution in 2010. After signing to R&S Records, the band released their first EP, Sauna in 2010. The band's second EP, NYC Stuff And NYC Bags was released in 2011. This was followed by their third release, Dracula EP in 2012. The band's debut album, Seabed, was released on April 1, 2013 and it's a beauty. Let's take a look and have a listen to the song "Dracula" It's a perfect album for the "Hard-to-start Monday" and if you're in the mood, listen to it with headphones, nice soundscapes. This is the opening track of the album Seabed, it's a song called Quest Here's a soundcloud link to "California Analog Dream" enjoy And here we have some older work, this is the song "Camels" from the 2011 NYC Stuff And NYC Bags EP

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