Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tuesdays got Talent XIX

Today we have Vancouvers talents Gold & Youth

The band is comprised of Matthew Lyall, Murray Mckenzie, Jeff Mitchelmore and Louise Burns.
And today they are releasing their debut album "Beyond Wilderness" and I really like it.
It has a nice 80's feeling with programmed electronic drum patterns and heavy, dark synths. Let's take a look and have a listen to "Time To Kill" The album was produced and recorded by Colin Stewart (new pornographers) and mixed by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Grizzly Bear) and Damian Taylor (Björk, Robyn), I hear some similarities with Depeche Mode / Joy Division / Roxy Music / Talk Talk / New order... I think you got the message now. Here's the song "City of Quartz"
Louise Burns, already well known for her own work as a solo artist, lending her voice to four of the album's tracks, including the first single 'Jewel'. And for the Depeche Mode lovers here's a live video of Gold and Youth playing "Enjoy the Silence"

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