Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tinseling Thursday IX

Today it's up to Theo Bass to give us the thursday tinsels!

Theo Bass is an Oxford based music maker working on his first EP, as he describes himself on his facebook page. I found almost no pics of him so we have to do it with this blurry live pic he posted on his soundcloudpage. But it's the music that counts and he has made some beautiful tracks, for example Mr. Stellakis!
I like the chirpy sounds he uses to make his rhythm tracks. His profound rhythms are tantalizing anyway, listen for example to the song "Slovenian Police" it's a beauty. He's playing at the Brainchild Festival in Canterbury (UK) 5-7 july. On his soundcloud he is posting lots of nice dreamy soundscape stuff, songs like King Karl, Lit and JAB, enjoy!

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