Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Warm Wednesday XXIII

Today it's up to the Treetop Flyers to give us some warmth.

And we're desperate. Summer didn't show it's face until now and in a month time days are shortening again so.....some anti-depression music for the sunlovers:)
Treetop Flyers are a folk rock band based in London. Consisting of Reid Morrison, Sam Beer
Laurie Sherman, Matthew Starrit and Tomer Danan. They won the Glastonbury Festival Festival Emerging Talent Competition 2011 and released their debut album 'The Mountain Moves' in the UK on 29 April 2013 and it's a real beauty. Some oldschool rock songs that makes me want to drive a convertible on endless American roads with their music on the background!
First let's listen to the uplifting opening track of the album: Things will change

Nice choirs and guitarsolo's and the whole music's got a kind of "Summer Festivals Here We Come!!" sauce all over it. .... more, more we need more! Okay then we're going listen to the ballad "Rose is in the Yard", with a warm guitar opening this song, giving it a Rod Steward'ish "I am Sailing" feeling. I imagine myself on a warm summer evening with a piña colada in the hammock listening to this song.
Click here to listen to Rose is in the Yard It reminds me of an older song of them called "It's about time"
Convinced? I was! It's instant summer with these guys so here's the full album, enjoy!

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