Thursday, 27 December 2012

Best of 2012 Thunder on Thursday

And this year mostclicked thunderband is HONKY, here's the post of 4 oktober.

Today's thunder is for Honky

This Austin Superboogie trio was founded in 1996 by Butthole Surfer bassist JD Pinkus, Lance Farley (Thighmaster and Nipple 5) on the drums, and rounded out by Bobby Ed Landgraf (Gahdzilla Motor Company, Blowfly) on guitar. They recently released a new 11 track album called 421. 421 was recorded at Willie Nelson's famed Pedernales Studio in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Willie Nelson that country guy? Yeah that Willie. But this album sounds okay! You automatically screw up the volume after the first notes and you'll go on tapping, banging, shaking till the last note and then you're knackered. It's dangerous to play this in your car because you will surely drive over the speedlimit. On the other side there's no better place to play this cd than in a car (and not on those cramped Dutch roads but in the vast wide open landscape of Texas). Not only the guitar sounds dirty in a positive way the vocals are also worth listening and the album is going crescendo to the last song "Black Joe's Bitch". Unfortunately there are no soundcloud links or streams so I'm gonna link you to some old songs.

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