Monday, 3 December 2012

Misty Monday X

Today it's up to Jon Redfern to give us the misty monday feeling we need after this weekend.
Jon Redfern, half British half Chinese, was born in Brighton England and lived in North Wales from the age of 12. Jon's songwriting style stems from the personal and the acoustic tradition of John Martyn and Nick Drake and his broad musical influences ranging from progressive rock to jazz and world music.

First take a look and a listen to his the song "Harmonics" there's no official video but this picture of a house in the snow will do :) It's nice to see that Jon himself reacted on this video and he commented that this was originally part of a four piece song, this was ment to be the theme part, shame they didn't record the total song.

From his album "May Be Sometimes" this misty monday masterpiece "I love the sun". It's a pity that there is no stream or link to one of his albums so again a youtube link of the song "Down the Line" also from the album "May Be Sometimes"

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