Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tuesdays got Talent X

Today it's up to the Antwerp band Dóttir Slonza.
Dóttir Slonza is the brainchild of Izja Rutten. She made a demo and asked some strange characters to join her. Nele Paelinck, Hanne De Backer, Sara De Wilde and Bootsie Butsenzeller are those characters. They made a very nice EP called "Nurse You" and it was released june 2012. First take a look at those strange characters showing their live skills. Here they perform the title track "Nurse You". They sound a little Poppy-ish, with nice change of rhythm and spheres...and I hear some School is Cool influences (duh..Nele Paelinck is a S=C member), sometimes it sounds a little like The Carpenters and sometimes I hear some Mingus in it... It's all in the opening track "Imperative". I also like the way they use the Bass Tuba, especially in the song Far/Near. Here's the full 4-track EP, enjoy!

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