Monday, 10 December 2012

Misty Monday XI

First I wanted to post an item of Father John Misty, (Joshua Tillman) because of it's name, but it's not the name that counts it's the music and that wasn't misty enough so I was looking at other artists of Sub Pop records when I bumped into Sweden based, Soweto born singer Spoek Mathambo
Spoek Mathambo is a South African term for ghost of bones, it's a term like the boogieman, an amorphous imaginary being used by adults to frighten children into compliant behaviour. But nowadays there's a positive buzz about that name because it's the artist moniker of Nthato Mokgata. His electronic hip-hop based music sounds dark, futuristic and grim. First take a look at a video from the song "Stuck Together" He released his debut album, titled Mshini Wam on Stockholm label BBE Records. “Mshini Wam” is named after an Apartheid-era Zulu folk song meaning: ‘bring me my machine gun’, and tells the story of a child soldier growing into a bloodthirsty adult. At the same time, the song is a club banger that enlists a gang of the youth to sing its “pa-rum-pa-pum-pum” chorus. Mathambo is also known for DJing, graphic design and illustration artwork. He also made the song Control which is a remake of Joy Divisions She's Lost Control. For the music video, Spoek has collaborated with one of South Africa's most celebrated photographers, Pieter Hugo & cinematographer Michael Cleary. It explores the world of township cults, street preaches and teen gangs and was shot on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, Cape Town. The cast is mainly made up of the neighborhood kids who run their own dance troop, "Happy Feet".

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