Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Warm Wednesday X

Today it's up to Gregory Alan Isakov to give us the warmth we need in these chilly and cold winterdays.
Gregory Alan Isakov was born in Johannesburg South Africa and moved to America as a child. There he grew up in Philadelphia. His voice is gold and his music also, quiet melancholic singer-songwriter songs, perfect for these cold winterdays. Last month I saw him in The Netherlands and it was almost a private concert, 20 maybe 30 people enjoying his wonderful voice and music. It was the most intimate concert I have ever witnessed. He was playing together with Bonnie Paine (playing singing saw, washboard and hypnotizing me with her beautiful voice and looks :)) and Ramaya Roskin (lap guitar & stomp-box). First have a listen to "That Moon Song" Convinced? I was... after hearing this song I immediately ordered the CD's "This Empty Northern Hemisphere" and "That Sea, the gambler" and they are packed with jewels like this "Virginia May" Virginia May by Gregory Alan Isakov on Grooveshark After the concert Gregory gave an encore in the hallway because of its beautiful acoustic sound there. In total he made 4 cd's here are some tracks from That Sea, the Gambler (third album 2007) The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov on Grooveshark And here's the title track "That Sea, the gambler". That Sea, the Gambler by Gregory Alan Isakov on Grooveshark And sorry folks, that's "All there is", next time Gregory Alan is in the neighbourhood just go there and enjoy...

All There Is by Gregory Alan Isakov on Grooveshark

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