Friday, 11 January 2013

Fiddles on Friday XV

Yesterday I saw a stunning documentary by Werner Herzog, called "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" about the Chauvet Cave in southern France. I was impressed by the beautiful soundtrack by the Dutch Cellist Ernst Reijseger.
photo by Krijn van Noordwijk
I hear you think...thats not a fiddler that's a cellist! Right but sometimes I like to think BIG and with a little imagination the cello could be a giant fiddle :) Reijseger creates enchanting music for choir, organ, piano, flute and cello. All adaptions and arrangements of the music by Ernst Reijseger were especially made for the film. All titles of the compositions are named in close connection with the movie. For these special compositions the warmth and depth of low cello sounds are most important. Ernst Reijseger's new five string cello (a dream he had for a long time) was finished just in time for the sound configuration and sound design of this music. The extra low string of the cello offers him the possibility to create deep sounds and to express a mysterious flair. It's amazing what sounds he can produce with his cello. Just take a look at this video where he is playing the song "Shadows" with Harmen Fraanje on the church organ.. it's a masterpiece!

Here are some grooveshark links

"Childs Footprint" Child's Footprint by Ernst Reijseger on Grooveshark Deep Cave Deep Cave by Ernst Reijseger on Grooveshark And here's the song "Forgotten Dreams #4" Forgotten Dreams #4 by Ernst Reijseger on Grooveshark

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