Friday, 18 January 2013

Fiddles on Friday XVI

Today we have a Swedish folk band with a nykelharpe (keyfiddle) it is Nordic
I found them on youtube and think they are amazing. The nykelharpe is played by Erik Rydvall, Mandolin by Magnus Zetterlund and cello by Anders Löfberg: This is the song Skatan played at Huset in Aalborg Denmark. Nordic is one of Sweden's best and most booked folk music band. With roots in as well as a great knowledge of folk music, the trio experiment freely in a quest for new expression. The result includes film-like compositions filled with soundscapes, rhythms, groove, reggae and improvisation. The unusual setting of cello, nyckelharpa and mandolin gives the group its own unique sound and contributes to Nordic's experimental expression. Sorry i don't have any streaming links for you but a nice youtube link will do, this is the song 3 or it is the third song :) let me know if you have more info or music streams of Nordic And we end with Bruce, nice weekend hope to see you back on monday

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