Monday, 28 January 2013

Misty Monday XVI

I need a quiet day today...perfect for some William Fitzsimmons
William Fitzsimmons is an American singer-songwriter, based in Illinois, Fitzsimmons was born the youngest child of two blind parents, and was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.He is said to have developed his multiple instrument abilities from his mother and father, both of whom were recreational musicians. His childhood home even housed a fully functional pipe organ, built by hand by his father. He was taught the piano and trombone during elementary school, and began teaching himself guitar, banjo, ukelele, melodica. First let's take a look and have a listen to "Beautiful Girl" from his latest album "Gold in the Shadow" William's career in music came only after completing a Master's Degree in counseling at Geneva College, and working as a mental health therapist. Prior to his graduate studies, Fitzsimmons worked with the mentally ill for several years. It was during a summer break in the midst of graduate school that Fitzsimmons recorded a collection of songs on home recording equipment which would subsequently become his debut album. Fitzsimmons' writing often includes reference to personal and family subject matter. His 2006 effort, Goodnight, is said to have been based largely on his parents' divorce during his adolescence, I really love the song "Please don't go" from this album. His 2008 work, The Sparrow And The Crow, was written entirely about and following his own divorce. The song "You still hurt me" could be a Sufjan Stevens song Here a soundcloud link with some songs of "Gold in the Shadow"

The Tide Pulls From The Moon

Beautiful Girl

Let You Break

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