Monday, 4 March 2013

Misty Monday XIX

Today it's the Belgium band "The Rhythm Junks" bringing us back on track again to start the week. The Rhythm Junks are: Steven Debruyn (bluesharp, guitar, vocals), Jasper Hautekiet (base, vocals) and Tony Gyselinck (drums) They were formed about ten years ago and 3 days ago they released their third album called: "Beaten Borders" On this album they stripped the music to a minimal ...less is more! I love the bluesharp and the mysteriousness in their songs and I think Steven Debruyn is the second best harpplayer from Belgium (Toots Thielemans is no.1) Let's listen to the song "Checking In". Oh yeah did I say this is again a band from Ghent!

Normally they work with a 4-headed brass ensemble but now they stripped it to a minimal, Drums / Base / Bluesharp and some synths/samples. Here they play the song "Never The Same" which i love, especially the switching between minor - major scale. I think some of their songs are perfect misty monday songs, "Burnin' Burnin' Burnin'" or "Maybe slowly". Via soundcloud you can listen to the entire album "Beaten Borders", enjoy

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