Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tuesdays Got Talent XVII

Today we have London Electro Pop Trio Dems to surprise us.

Dems are David Gardener, Duncan Mann and Dan Moss. They produce dreamy lo-fi electronic masterpieces and 2013 will be their year! They promise us a new release every two months and their former work is so beautiful and warm it's a band to watch, at least I'll do. But first let's take a look and have a listen to "Desire" which has pricked up my ears! This song will be released the 24th of march and was a follow up for the song "Christabel". Triggered by this song I was looking for more work and was surprised that I've never heard of them before. So nice original songs, nice voices and melodies interweaving the electronic samples and drumloops/patterns. Here's for example the song "Inner O" Here are some songs via soundcloud This is "Bridesmaid" And "House" which is a beauty too You may have noticed my enthousiasm so before I put all their songs on møpkemuziek I end with the first of the every-two-month-release-songs "Christabel" enjoy! Okay then one for the road :) here's "Lioness" which was one of first songs by Dems back when it was just a solo project of Dan Moss By the way MØPKEMUZIEK is curious about your thoughts about the music we play so leave a comment if you like, you can do it even anonymous when you are affraid to offence me :)

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