Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tinseling Thursday V

Sorry for my lame blog behaviour last week. I was very busy with my own music and gigs so almost no time to post some nice music here on møpkemuziek. Finally I've found some spare time to present SX to you.
 I've already refered to this Belgian band when I made a post about Polica. SX is a bit in the same league, dreamy female voice interwoven with 80's synths (the famous Yamaha DX7), dark big beats and strong hooks. They surprised me back in 2011 with their first single "Black Video" ...completely out of the blue.
Let's take a look and have a listen to this song
Nice song isn't it? SX are Benjamin Desmet, Stefanie Callebaut and Jeroen Termote. They took their time to make a beautiful debut album called "Arche" which was released november 2012. Here is the song Graffiti, with a very strong chorus, I like Stefanies sharp and edgy voice! The video by the way was released last week...fresh fresh :) The first single release from the album Arche was Gold. Here's the live version And here's a soundcloud link to five songs of the Arche album, enjoy.

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