Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tinseling Thursday III

Todays tinsels brought to you by "Toro Y Moi"

 Toro Y Moi is Chazwick Bradley Bundick, an American recording artist and producer. His music is often identified with the rise of the CHILLWAVE movement in 2010 and 2011 (Chillwave, sometimes also referred to as glo-fi, is a genre of music whose artists are often characterized by their heavy use of effects processing, synthesizers, looping, sampling, and heavily filtered vocals with simple melodic lines.") .  Let's take a look and have a listen to his latest song "So Many Details" the first single of his new album "Anything in Return" released 22 january '13
  I like that smooth summer feeling and the use of sytnhs / samples / rhythm patterns in combination with his light voice. Someone has been so friendly to put on the complete album on youtube so here's the link: He's a very productive guy because after releasing his full lenght album in january he's now released some tracks under a new side project called "Les Sins" here's "Grind" and "Prelim", enjoy!

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