Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Warm Wednesday XIX

Today it's up to Blaudzun to give us the warmth we need.
Blaudzun is the moniker of Dutch singer- songwriter Johannes Sigmond and Blaudzun is called after a Danish cyclist (Verner Blaudzun) back in the 1970's. In these regions Blaudzun is a becoming a term, and now I know that he's programmed for SXSW to conquer the rest of the world I thought let's introduce him for the ignorant. First let's take a look at the beauty "Flame on my Head" from the album "Heavy Flowers" released in januari 2012 and due to release any moment in the USA.
His live performances are a great party with brass ensembles, glockenspielplayers, violins and his own remarkable appearance on stage. Lets take a look at the song "Elephants" live at last years Dutch festival Lowlands.
Via soundcloud we can enjoy the first 5 tracks of the album heavy flowers. And here's one of my favorite songs "Midnight Room" from his 2010 album "Seadrift Soundmachine"have a nice warm wednesday!

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