Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tuesdays got Talent XVI

Today we are in need of some uplifting music, due to the winter coming back this week when spring already has showed it's face last week. To ease that pain of cold harsh weather kicking us back and to bust the winter depression we call in the help from our Tuesdays Talent Jonas Alaska.

Jonas Aslaksen from Norway better know with his stagename Jonas Alaska had a break through in Norway with his debut album in 2011. The self-titled album sold to gold record (15 000), had 3 singles in the Norwegian radio charts simultaneously, and won the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) for best new act. Jonas is releasing his next album in Norway and Denmark very soon. The single "I Saw Your Kid" is released a month ago accompanied by this funny video
Often he is compared with Bob Dylan, but luckily he's more a music- than a lyricsman, don't understand me wrong and Bob Dylan wrote great songs but some of it's work annoys me because I don't listen to the lyrics but more to the music and then his repetivity is boring me. Last friday Jonas released a second video called "If Only As A Ghost" which is a little less light. Nice song but i'm in the wintermood again so here's some of his earlier work enjoy. Here's "In The Beackseat" Here's "Tonight" And here's the beautiful song "Oktober, we let you know when his EP is released.

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