Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tinseling Thursday IV

Today it's up to Belgian band "Absynthe Minded" to lighten up our Thursday

Absynthe Minded is a Belgian rock band, around frontman, vocalist and guitarist Bert Ostyn. Their tracks contain a weird mix of rock, thirties jazz, a touch of funky soul, Balkan beats and Merseyside pop. Absynthe Minded originally was a one-man band, being musician-singer-composer Bert Ostyn. He started off in 1999 with recording More Than This on 8-track in a 5 to 4 bedroom in Ghent (yes again Ghent, I'm sorry ;-), soon he found other musicians (Renaud Ghilbert, Sergej van Bouwel, Jan Duthoy and Jakob Nachtergaele) to enjoy his project. And after the succesful debut album "Acquired Taste" they developed themselves into a very productive and exploring band producing 4 more great albums. Here's the song "Envoi" inspired by poems from the famous Belgian writer Hugo Claus, this is from the samenamed album Absynthe Minded. More recent is the song Space from the latest album "As it ever was" They make very diverse music, sometimes Bert sounds like Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill, sometimes they sounds like a 30's jazz orchestra and they wrote a beautiful soundtrack for the movie "Turquoze", the movie is a beautie too by the way, here's the eastern orientated song "Little Rascal" And this is their latest single "End Of The Line" Here's the soundcloud link to a set of nice songs, enjoy

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