Friday, 12 October 2012

Fiddles on Friday V

Today we have Hooverphonic in our Fiddles on Friday theme.
Hooverphonic is a Belgian band. Normally their music is very produced if you know what I mean. It's studio music with lots of synth-strings / horns and effected guitars. I love their music (most songs are arranged and produced by Alex Callier) songs as "Mad About You" "Jackie Cane" or "Sometimes" are classics and I follow this group since the late nineties. They had a few changes in their cast and since a year or so they have a new singer Noémie Wolfs. But now, now they made an orchestral cd with their own songs and some covers in a classic orchestrated arrangement. Just enjoy this and have a nice weekend This is such a beautiful version of the Massive Attack song "Unfinished Sympathie". Here you can hear Sometimes And to end with some violins here's "Mad About You"

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