Monday, 1 October 2012

Misty Monday III

Let's start the week with Kaki King.
When I first heard this name I thought it was an African male artist. Was I wrong, nothing like it, he's a she and she's no African but American. And she is a very talented guitarist. In February 2006, Rolling Stone released a list of "The New Guitar Gods," on which King was the sole woman and youngest artist. And what about he words that Dave Grohl(Foo Fighters) said about her: "There are some guitar players that are good and there are some guitar players that are really fucking good. And then there's Kaki King." I hear you say "Now where's the misty in this monday because this all sounds very clear". You're right most of the songs Kaki King produces are very clear indeed but there are some exceptions like: You don't have to be afraid. With only two lines of lyrics in a 8 minute song and with a beautiful building-up this one's perfect for a misty monday. You can easily fill a complete evening with her songs without thinking...mmm this is getting a bit tedious. She is so productive and has such a great repertoire that I cannot make a nice selection with highlights also it is very mood bounded. Sometimes I like the lap steel guitar song "Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers" and sometimes the more poppy "Pull me out alive" . Oh did I mention she's releasing a new album october 9th? Just take the time to discover her great ouevre...

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