Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tuesdays Got Talent VII

Todays talent is Maïa Vidal
Maïa Vidal (born February 20, 1988) is an American-born composer, songwriter, musician, and visual artist. Currently based in Europe (primarily Barcelona and Paris). one year and a day ago she released her cd "God Is My Bike" It was recorded in Barcelona and was released in Europe and Japan by the Belgian label Crammed Discs on October 31, 2011. It's a fresh and surprisingly mature debut album The record includes 12 tracks, all original compositions except for ‘It's Quite Alright,’ (Rancid) and features a collaboration with guitarist Marc Ribot. Giuliano Gius Cobelli engineered, coproduced and played the trumpet and the drums while MAÏA sang and played all the other instruments. Sometimes her songs and voice reminds me of Silje Nergaard. Here's a live performance of "God is my bike" And here's the official video of "Follow Me" And here's the link to soundcloud

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