Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Warm Wednesday IV

Today there's a warm wednesday because of Cloud Cult
Cloud Cult is an experimental indie rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota led by singer/songwriter Craig Minowa. The name originated from the ancient prophecies of indigenous North Americans. They developed in 1995 as Craig Minowa recruited several other artists to contribute to his solo recordings. The band's early work earned Cloud Cult several offers from record labels, but all were rejected in favor of self-publishing. As they began to play live, one of their show's most distinctive features was the live painting by Connie Minowa and Scott West: over the course of a show they each completed a painting to be auctioned off at the end.
They are nominated for this warm wednesday issue because of their song "Unexplainable Stories". This song starts with a nice arrangement of French Horns which is in my opinion one of the warmest instrument-sounds I know. Overal their music is very dynamic and with beautiful orchestrated compositions. Here is the live version of unexplainable Stories for KEXP radio. Here's the soundcloud link to the EP "Running with the Wolves" lsiten to their version of mr. Tambourine man

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