Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Warm Wednesday V

And warm it's going to be with Kråkesølv
Kråkesølv (Norwegian for "mica") is a pop band from Bodø Norway formed in late 2007 and began playing concerts in the spring of 2008 Kråkesølv current lineup consists of Thomas Trust, Petter Unstad, Frederick Olsen (the singer) and Christopher Unstad. I saw this Norwegian band on Youtube a year ago with this very heartwarming video and excellent performed song Utten Tittel. Again a DIY homemade video, those Scandinavian nights must be inspiring. You understand I was sold. They not only make beautiful indie guitar based music but the songs are companied with some very nice videos like Skredder. The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is music, what about this spontanious street concert? Play while walking :-) Here's the song Stødig som en bauta from their latest album Alle gode ting And here's a soundcloud link to again a song from the recent album alle gode ting

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