Thursday, 25 October 2012

Thunder on Thursday VI

Wake up because it's Thundersday with Resistor
Photo by: Kees van Mansom

Resistor (resistor [rɪˈzɪstə] < an electrical component designed to introduce a known value of resistance into a circuit >) is a Dutch band from Almere. Almere is the youngest city in the Netherlands, it is build in a former lake. This well planned, maybe too well, city with its repetitive city-blocks and mirrored office buildings inspires the band to go against all the planned paths and well thought efficiency based rules. “It was a necessity to create a loud voice that would stand up against all the planned paths that lay before us" They say on their website. Resistor are: Dick Roseboom (beatcreator), Wietze Vink (guitar) and Dennis Jansen (vocals). Their music is an explosive combination of rock, rap, electro, techno and punk, they like to call it Rave & Rock. Live they blow your socks off. They could be the offspring of The Prodigy and Rage against the machine. Here's a live gig video of the song "Trigger" to prove their skills they released a debut EP called "The Bastards Have Landed" in october 2011. The 6 track EP is released in a very nice Limited Edition 5'2 Floppy Disk Sleeve. And they are so nice to share the album with us via bandcamp, enjoy!


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    1. Thanks it is corrected you own the credits!