Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Warm Wednesday III

Today we have a duo that caused me a lot of goosebumps the first time I heard them. "The Milk Carton Kids"
This is a perfect candidate for the warm wednesday issue. The Milk Carton Kids (after the missing kids portraits printed on milk cartons)are Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan from Los Angeles, California (warmth enough there). They were formed in early 2011 and almost imediatly caused a buzz in the folk scene and picked up by the NPR (National Public radio). That's were I heard them first at the 15 minute Tiny desk concerts performing their songs "Michigan" (my favourite) "Stealing Romance" and "I Still Want A Little More". The interweaving of their voices and guitars is done delicate and they harmonize perfectly. The songs (mostly ballads)with a country twist are very easy and comfortable, perfect for long drives through boring landscapes. Style? Think the offspring of Simon and Garfunkel made love with Emmylou Harris with Jayhawks on the radio. (sorry for this image). Did I mention you can download their Ep's, "Prologue" and "Retrospect" for free at their site?

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